Friday, July 6, 2012

PT Pedalpalooza

Note: The following is copied from the PTpedals webpage.

Inspired by Portland’s Pedalpalooza, and Vancouver, BC’s Velopalooza, PTpedals’ first effort at promoting a continuous stream of bike fun is PT Pedalpalooza 2012, a 5-day series of bicycle activities and celebration of cycling scheduled for July 11-15, 2012.

PT Pedalpalooza’s debut this year includes some steering committee organized activities, but this effort is largely a grassroots-based program of bike fun. ANYONE can plan a ride or activity and put it on the calendar, so others can participate in bike fun! AND the BIKE FUN is not limited to those 5 days in July… those are just the inaugural celebration. The mid-July timing is planned to be a multi-day cycling festival for a “pedalpalooza” celebration of cycling every year. To continue the BIKE FUN and growing our bike community and bike culture, keep planning and posting bike fun rides and things to do all summer and all year long.

PTpedals is a new volunteer-directed, community-based effort focused on promoting bicycling activities, events, culture/community and BIKE FUN for people of all ages and skill levels. Activities for casual bicycle riders (uncertain about riding much distance or pedaling uphill) to experienced road cyclists and mountain bikers are encouraged to plan activities for others and participate in BIKE FUN during PT Pedalpalooza and year-round by checking the PTpedals calendar and joining the e-mail list for ride and bicycling activity announcements at:

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